Life Of A Bimbo Scenes

Blonde Savannah Bond can’t escape the bimbo life. Everyday she wakes up praying it will be a normal day, but every day the bimbo life finds her. Savannah makes the perfect bimbo, with her big tits, perfect body, and tight ass, she’s the spitting image! Tanned Savannah wakes up and no matter how she tries to live her life, bimboness keeps finding her. So, when plumber Scott Nails shows up asking if Savannah needs her pipes cleaned, she knows exactly what’s about to happen. Sexy Savannah tells Scott to just lay back and enjoy the ride!

Subject : Life Of A Bimbo

Date : Jun 30, 2022

Porn Stars : Savannah Bond, Scott Nails

Trailer : Life Of A Bimbo Scenes

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